thebirdking said: If I wanted to link my leaf back to you guys, how would I do that?

Every Tumblr / Write One Leaf prompt has it’s own individual page. If you “reblog” the prompt in tumblr and include your leaf in the reblog entry, there’s no need to link back to us. A link is automatically included in your leaf (or it should be… something’s broken if it isn’t). If you don’t want to do it this way, or if you write your leaf on a different platform (such as Wordpress), then if you want to link back to the direct Write One Leaf prompt, you’d need the URL of that prompt. If you’re in the dashboard, and hover over the entry, the top right hand corner of the entry “folds down” with tiniest little animation. Click on that corner and it will take you directly to the entry and you can grab the URL from your browser’s URL thingie (I can’t seem to come up with the name for it… my apologies). If you’re on the Write One Leaf blog directly (, you can click on the title of the leaf and it will open the entry’s page. You can also use the search box on the Write One Leaf blog if the entry isn’t on the first page.

Okay. I admit that I don’t know if I’m answering your question very well. This all assumes a little knowledge of how Tumblr and/or URLs and/or HTML works. If you have trouble with that, it might be a more complicated question to answer. If you’re still confused, feel free to ask again and I’ll have another swing at it.

pussiesandpoets said: these recent ones are difficult! sheesh, fruity pebbles?! love you all for the challenges though<3

Of course if they were easy, they wouldn’t be worth doing.

Will do my best to keep it worth doing.

nymeriasand said: If I email you a prompt idea, will you still post it with my name and blog?

I might. Or I might ignore it. Or I might forget to answer your question for a really long time and then answer it and be proud of myself for answering it even though it took me something like a month to get it answered.

The Write One Leaf staff are not always so On The Ball.

Write One Leaf about something that is on the ball.

PS: Then again, if I simply answer your question and put it in the queue, your tumblr is auto-linked as part of the answer.

See how neat that is?

Write one leaf in which you answer a question incorrectly.