no-one-but-me said: What is write one leaf all about? I see the posts everyday on my dashboard, but I guess I just don't understand what it's about. Is it that you want us to write for ourselves? Or are we supposed to respond to write one leaf?

Write one leaf is about writing. It’s about moving your hands. 

I expect different people will use the prompts posted on Write One Leaf in different ways, but my intent is that those who subscribe to Write One Leaf will write. Somewhere. Somehow.

Do you want to write? Then write. Is Write One Leaf a vehicle for helping you to write more? I hope so. I’m honored that you think so if you do. But if it doesn’t work for you… then you shouldn’t feel obligated to follow.

The prompts tend to be direct, in the form of a command or directive, because I hope it will help you begin moving your hands in a manner that resembles writing, even if that means you’re just arguing with the prompt. That is, if your first response to a prompt is “No way, you idiot, I’m not writing about that,” and you’re writing that response somewhere, anywhere, and not just thinking it and considering how long before you unfollow, then Write One Leaf is doing what it’s intended to do. You don’t have to respond directly to the prompts. You don’t have to link to Write One Leaf. Write One Leaf just wants you to write more.

Write One Leaf. Write more. Write every day. And move those hands.

Write one leaf in which you tell Write One Leaf to go to Hell.

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