Write One Leaf is a writing blog, published two or three times a day, every day, from the day it was established until today. 

If you follow Write One Leaf, it is suggested that you move your hands in a manner that resembles writing, and the subject of the prompt (which you’ll find above) may or may not be the thing you write about.

It reminds us a bit of a “reminder” that you “should be writing,” and if you “follow us” you will be thus “reminded.”

Where can you write your “leaf?”

Anywhere. On your bedsheets. On your blogpages. On your facebook profile. In an email to the President of the United States of Zoog. You may link back to us, if you wish, or keep what you’ve written private.

We do love it when you recommend us. And we do love it when you share what you’ve written with someone else (just about anybody, really). But none of these things are required.

The writing and the sharing and the President of Zoog are up to you.